What We Believe

Doctrinal Statement

At the Ephesus Biblical Training Center, we believe . . .

1.    in the Bible: We believe that the Bible is inspired and inerrant.

2.    in God: We believe in the Holy Trinity.

3.    in Jesus: We believe in the gospel message that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, died on the cross for all humanity, and rose again from the dead on the third day to make salvation available to all.

4.    in Rewards: We believe that while Jesus saves us by grace, through faith, apart from works, He also gives eternal rewards according to what we have done, whether good or bad.

5.    in the Second Coming: We believe in the literal, future, and bodily return of Christ and in the bodily resurrection of the saints.

6.    in Eternal Security: We believe in eternal security without the guarantee of perseverance.

7.    in Marriage: We believe God created the human race with two genetic sexes, male and female; established marriage to be a life-long union between one male and one female; and that sexual intimacy is only lawful within marriage.

8.    in Irenic Education: We believe the role of the seminary is not to indoctrinate but to educate students on how to study the Christian Scriptures for themselves. We allow for academic freedom within the bounds of this statement.